Monday, December 2, 2013


Next trip has been booked! and I just wanna be there soon! :D

Friday, November 29, 2013


Friday, November 22, 2013


    Well, I am about to share my stories in Singapore again.  I don’t know if my story interesting enough or not but I’ll keep writing it for you, dear readers. :)
    We woke up at 9 am in the morning then took a bath,  prepared our backpack  and checked out from our hostel. But, the hostel  was very kind to let us put our backpack there until 8 pm.  So we didn’t have to get our backpack on all day long. Hehe. We had breakfast at McD near Bugis Village. We also bought some souvenirs such us keychain, magnetic, and mugs at Bugis.
    After shopping, we went back to the hostel to put our shopping bag there then took a train  to Marina Bay. Yeap, we decided to go to Gardens By the Bay.  We bought two conservatories tickets for 28 SGD each person and I think it’s quite expensive. huhu :(

    I won’t tell you further information about Gardens By the Bay because I’m sure all of you have already known about GBtB.  So, let the pictures tell thousand words for you.
    There are two conservatories, those are  Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Flower Dome is more feminine than Cloud Forest but I think it’s just so so and we were getting bored staying there. Haha.  The feeling was totally different when I got inside Cloud Forest, I just could say “Waaaaaw” and “Woooow”. Haha.  I wished there were some avatar girls at Cloud Forest, hanging on the trees or somewhere else inside the dome. Hihihi.  
    It was really cold inside Cloud Forest but I really love it. We could see Marina Bay Sands building , Super trees, and Singapore Flyer from the dome. It was great and beautiful. I would bring my mom to GBtB, maybe for our next trip. Hehe.  I’m sure that she will like it :)Since we didn’t see any praying room there and a ticketing girl said to us that we could use any corner there for praying, so,we chose to pray at babycare room (because it was too suspicious if we did it on the open area. Haha. ) By the way, it was my first time experience praying at that kind of place. LOL
    Again and again, we spent the afternoon at waterfront promenade. Sitting in front of Art Museum and enjoying surroundings (read: bule- bule ganteng). I felt like it was not complete if I didn’t say hello to Merlion when I went to Singapore. So,  I decided to cross the helix bridge and went to Merlion. I wanted to see Merlion closely. Galuh didn’t come with me since she felt very exhausted and didn’t want to take a walk any longer, she chose to stay at waterfront promenade, sitting alone while waiting for me patiently.   Haha. Walking through the helix bridge reminded me with my trip with Ajeng and Tobal to Singapore two years ago. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I really miss that moments, guys   :(
    Before 8 pm, we went to our hostel and took our suitcases back. Walking fast to Sultan Mosque for praying there. After praying, we took a walk  through Arab street then found Kampong Glam CafĂ©,so we decided to have dinner there. We ordered Nasi Lemak, Fried noodle, Roti John, hot Tarik Tea and blue lemon cola and they tasted very good.  It was really nice having dinner at Kampong Glam. There are so many good foods and nice place to eat  along Bussorah street in the evening. 
 I saw the picture below when I was riding the train (MRT). There will be 77 new trains in 2016 and the fourth stage is currently built as well. It's incredibly amazing! How about us,Jakarta? :)
    Our flight to Jakarta was at 5 am the next day, we chose to sleepover at Changi airport as well.  Before the boarding time I bought my favorite Milka chocolates at Coconut Tree shop at Terminal 2 Changi airport. 
  It was a wonderful weekend! Just be good and see you soon, Singapore!  :) 

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Flew to Singapore last Saturday with Galuh for weekend getaway. It was not our first time to Singapore, so we didn’t do any special preparation for this trip. She just asked me  “How about going to Singapore this weekend?” and I answered “why not! Just buy the tickets and go!”  haha … and voila, here it is our story!
We stayed at Superb Hostel at Pinang street near Arab street and Kampong Glam. Staying in Bugis area had become different experience for me.  Our room was really nice and clean,  Bugis MRT station and Sultan Mosque were just so close from our hostel.  

Few kilometers from Sultan Mosque, we could find Haji Lane.  There are so many indie fashion shops along the street and each of them sells unique and fancy products.  But unfortunately,  they were still closed when we went there. So we just took many snapshots there. 
We had Nasi Briyani for brunch. Actually, the taste was really weird and too spicy but I could finish eating them all. I think the taste is so much better than Kimchi (Korean food). Hehehe. (No offense, Kimchi lover :p)

After had brunch, we went to Orchard road, but too bad, we went there not for shopping. We went there just for 1 dollar ice cream. Yayyy!  I really like it and I have been craving for them again these past few days!

It was really nice walking along Orchard Road, window shopping and the sidewalk was just so clean and wide. If you are in Singapore this Christmas, you should go to Orchard Road because it will transform into an enchanting winter wonderland of twinkling stars and sparkling diamonds from  Saturday, November 23rd 2013 until Sunday, January 5th 2014.  It must be romantic and beautiful!  Unfortunately, we were too early to go to Singapore,  I wish we could stay longer in Singapore to see beautiful illuminations on this great street.

After praying at Orchard Mosque near Paragon, we went to Henderson Waves Bridge. I fell in love at the first sight with this bridge when I saw the picture on a pre-wedding photography’s blog. It has unusual shape and it looks pretty cool! So, when I got a chance to revisit  Singapore like this, I decided to go to Henderson waves Bridge to see it directly.  
It’s very easy to get there. Take a train to Harbour Front then at Harbour Front MRT station, go up to exit C and go straight to find bus station. The bus station is on the left.  Take bus number 131 or 145 to go to Henderson Road. After the bus passed Henderson Road, stop at the second station.  Go upstairs and you will find the bridge. I saw some people were jogging there. It is very lucky to be a Singaporean, they have a very nice National Park to work out or jogging everyday.  

It had become my favorite bridge in Singapore after Helix bridge. Hihi. And here they are some pictures of the bridge. It is really cool, right?
We went to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes just for window shopping , yeah we couldn’t afford to buy and to eat anything at luxurious and pricey place like that. But luckily, there was still Toast Box there, so we could have hot Milo and enjoyed free wifi there.
We spent beautiful noon at waterfront promenade. The skyline was just sooo beautiful.  We were there until 8 pm while waiting for the wonderful laser show. I love skyline, I love the show, they really match each other. I really really do love Singapore! 
I wish I could bring papi there someday, sitting on the deck and enjoying  my favorite  light show and surroundings. It must be romantic. I believe someday we will make our duo trip, dear. We will travel to many places or countries and  getting lost together. Yes, only you and me and it must be wonderful, right? 

I don’t know why I wrote my feelings  here but I know you’re reading this, my beloved stalker :) :) :)